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21 Days of

Soul Mastery

mastery - /ˈmɑːst(ə)ri/


1. comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.

2. control or superiority over someone or something.

'Soul Mastery was really great! There is so much power in understanding yourself and your emotions through Christ, and this programme equipped me with exactly that. The programme had the right amount of content and didn’t feel overwhelming at all.'
- Jennifer D.
Join me and fellow sisters around the world as we delve in deep to understand and master our souls.
This 21-day online programme is designed to elevate your internal world through teaching, devotionals, study material, accountability and so much more!
This investment is strictly for women who are ready to be challenged, stretched and pushed to become all that God intends for them to be, from the inside out!
Soul Mastery was an eye-opening experience that really helped me reflect and learn that my emotions are merely indicators and do not have to dictate my responses. Ify’s content was very deep, well researched and accompanied by supporting resources to help us dig into areas we were particularly interested in. Ify created a safe space for everyone to be vulnerable and this was particularly helpful in understanding that we are not alone in facing the thoughts/emotions we go through.
- Adebola A.

Next cohort

Starting: 7th Jan 2024

We'll be covering:


Module 1 - Your Well-being

  • Introduction

  • What are emotions

  • Why we have emotions

  • Developing language for your inner-world 

  • Cultivating self-awareness

  • Prioritising introspection and reflection


Module 2 - Embracing Conflict

  • Understanding defence mechanisms

  • Choosing battles wisely

  • Disagreeing without being disagreeable

  • The process of externalisation

  • Walking in forgiveness


Module 3 - Emotional Regulation

  • Understanding your window of tolerance

  • Developing self-respect

  • Mindfulness & Self-soothing

  • Reaching acceptance

Module 4 - Growing & Healing

  • Identifying areas for growth

  • Overview of cognitive behavioural theory

  • Tools to Interrogate the problem

  • Walking in systemic healing

  • The role of Attachment in our dysfunction 

  • Uncovering the root of trauma


  • 3 hours worth of teaching (self-paced)

  • 1-hour live Q&A  (taking place on Sunday 28th Jan 20:00 GMT, with recording available)

  • Weekly video group check-ins (Sundays 20:00 GMT with recording available)

  • Devotional & Journal prompts

  • Recommended reading and sermon list

  • Group instant messaging for accountability

  • 30% Discount on one-to-one sessions

  • Giveaways

Cost:  £139 per person*

Spaces are limited.

The soul mastery program was insightful in allowing me to be more aware of my emotions and the childhood traumas that I need to work through. I enjoyed the practical tools and strategies which I believe I can incorporate into my daily life.
- Sylvia B

Meet Your Instructor

Ify Alexis Lee
Soul Specialist & Sought--after Speaker

Ify speaks internationally to people of all ages. As a Bible teacher and Prophetic voice, Ify always aims to connect with souls who do not know Jesus and to lead them to a relationship with Christ. She is passionate about seeing women in particular embody the fullness of life available in Christ and encounter His sufficiency. She is the founder of Love Limitless, a UK-based ministry equipping women spiritually. She is a wife, a mum, a therapist, and is committed to a spiritual community. She loves to preach about the love of God and His transformative power in the lives of His people. She has a heart for the heartbroken and downtrodden, and supplies spiritual tools to facilitate understanding of the freedom and wholeness made possible in Jesus.

*Registration is strictly non-refundable.

Let's get started!

'I’ve found the soul mastery program very eye-opening in how I express and control my emotions. I was able to learn how to be more self-aware and how godly principles can help me with this. I’m very grateful to God for leading me to this program.'
- Ajibola O.
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