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Hope Hour

Book a 60-minute intimate therapeutic coaching session centred on healing, wholeness, growth and change with Ify Alexis Lee!

Ify utilises God's Word and therapeutic tools to help her clients achieve their goals. The sessions are for men and women who desire counsel in the following areas:

Spiritual growth
Church Hurt
...and many more
"Before the Hope Hour, it felt like life was just happening to me and I felt out of my depth in finding my way out of what I was going through. I was amazed at the difference an hour could make. I felt empowered and encouraged to make decisions that are beneficial to my mental health. I also feel I was talked through uncovering hidden motivations that were leading to unhealthy decisions."
- O. D.
  • Available Online

    An intimate one-to-one session centred on healing, wholeness & growth

    1 hr

    149 British pounds
N.B. These sessions are not therapy sessions
For therapy enquiries see here.
"I left my Hope Hour session with Ify feeling seen and heard, encouraged, and with a greater sense of clarity and of course HOPE! Ify is truly gifted in empathy, wisdom and compassion, all of which helped to create a safe space for me to be truly vulnerable and even though it’s not a therapy session, it felt therapeutic. So much of what she shared really resonated and gave me food for thought. I’m so glad I had this session and really thank you, Ify, for using this beautiful ministry to bless others."
- C.W.

"The Hope Hour provided me with a safe space to be heard, seen and encouraged. In a time where we can easily get consumed by life and the challenges it brings, the Hope Hour was a breath of fresh air for me!"
- M.O.
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