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Beautiful Beginnings (e-book)

Devotional by Ify Alexis Lee

Helping you to begin well, begin strong, and begin with God.



At the start of 2019, the Lord laid it on my heart to start writing about beginnings. At the time I had been married for a year and encountered some of the greatest moments of transition I had ever experienced. I was in this brand new marriage and, whilst I loved my husband and enjoyed the fruitfulness I was experiencing, I found it incredibly tough at times to really just be married. I missed the freedoms of my singleness – the fewer responsibilities, the autonomy over my time, and so much more. 


You see, every new beginning comes with some losses and some gains, and what you focus on is what will drive your experience. Beginning well, beginning strong and beginning with God requires a strong resolution that the Word of God defines our reality, and that who He says He is will be the anchor for our souls.


This e-book will empower you to transition well; to brave the new season The Lord has opened up before you and to thrive! Join us and be equipped with tenacity, wisdom, insight, foresight, humility and more.



Who is this book written for?

It’s for the individual navigating new waters – a place of obscurity and the unknown.

It’s for person on the road to being married, or the road to motherhood. It’s for the young person leaving university and entering into the world of ‘adulting’. It’s for the brother or sister who has chosen to be purposefully single, and dedicate their time to service. It’s for the person who has relocated and is braving the unfamiliar. It’s for the person persevering in uncharted territory!



About The Author:

Ify Alexis Lee is the founder of Love Limitless, a ministry that supports women across the UK in their emotional and spiritual development. She instructs faithfully through her online courses, the Raising The Standard Mentorship Programme, and many other initiatives. As an international itinerant speaker and psychotherapist in training, Ify is passionate about wholeness and healing and she believes it is every woman’s right to experience the freedom that is available to them through Jesus Christ.


Beautiful Beginnings (e-book)

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