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Walking With God Through Anxiety

How God speaks to us and meets us in the place of fear, worry and uncertainty. - Anxiety can be a terror, one keeping you bound and shackled; one causing you to play small whilst stealing your joy; one diminishing your influence and the impact God intends for you to have! In this course, Ify Alexis Lee provides you with the tools to Identify, understand and overcome Anxiety. We explore: - Understanding Anxiety. Providing an understanding of the origins of anxiety in your life, what it's designed to do and how it manifests itself - What God says about Anxiety. Illuminating God's thoughts and hearts towards the soul burdened by anxiety. How His Word is a soothing balm to our worries and cares. - Freedom from Anxiety. Tools on how to deal with anxiety from the root, by use of intervention questioning, identifying and removing lifestyle factors contributing to anxiety, and psycho-education. - Life with Anxiety. Creating a rhythm in your life that is not conducive for prolonged high levels of anxiety, as well as tools to handle panic attacks, and resources to go deeper in healing. This is for you if you're ready to no longer be hindered by anxiety; if you're ready to stop self-sabotage in its tracks, and live the life God intended for you. See you in class,



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