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21 Days of Soul Mastery

Embark on a transformative journey with "21 Days of Soul Mastery," a self-paced course led by the dynamic Ify Alexis Lee, renowned speaker and therapist. Dive deep into the realms of spirituality and emotional intelligence as you unlock the power within. With Ify's expert guidance, discover the keys to navigating life's challenges with grace and resilience. ✨ MASTERY - /ˈmɑːst(ə)ri/ noun​ 1. comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity. 2. control or superiority over someone or something. Soul Mastery was an eye-opening experience that really helped me reflect and learn that my emotions are merely indicators and do not have to dictate my responses. Ify’s content was very deep, well researched and accompanied by supporting resources to help us dig into areas we were particularly interested in. Ify created a safe space for everyone to be vulnerable and this was particularly helpful in understanding that we are not alone in facing the thoughts/emotions we go through. - Adebola A. We cover the following: ✨ Module 1 - Your Well-being Introduction Understanding Emotions Developing Emotional language Cultivating self-awareness Introspection and reflection ✨ Module 2 - Embracing Conflict Understanding defence mechanisms Choosing battles wisely Disagreeing without being disagreeable The process of externalisation Walking in forgiveness ✨ Module 3 - Emotional Regulation Understanding your window of tolerance Developing self-respect Mindfulness & Self-soothing​ Reaching acceptance ​ ✨ Module 4 - Growing & Healing Identifying areas for growth Overview of cognitive behavioural theory Tools to Interrogate the problem Walking in systemic healing The role of Attachment in our dysfunction Uncovering the root of trauma Structure:​ ✨ 4 in-depth, captivating teaching videos by Ify Alexis Lee ✨ Spirit-filled Devotional & Journal prompts ✨ Comprehensive recommended study list JOIN TODAY! (You will still have access to all material after 21 days)



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