Helping you thrive spiritually and emotionally!


Ify Alexis Lee is a prolific speaker and teacher! She preaches truth boldly and calls the body of Christ back into alignment with the prophetic voice God has given her. She is the founder of Love Limitless, a UK-based ministry equipping women spiritually. Armed with a passion for God and a love for people, she aims to see internal transformation not just in her immediate circle but in the world; one soul at a time.



International preacher and teacher of the word of God

"The force of truth that God imparts through Ify Alexis Lee’s life is extraordinary. Her conduct and character lend weight to every message she shares, demonstrating to a broken world that life in God is not merely aspirational; it is possible, it is practicable and it is happening NOW. The love of Christ has constrained her to such a life of sacrifice and service that everyone blessed to cross paths with her is increased."

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